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You get the best results using our pure water window cleaning

There are multiple ways to get windows clean. The most common method is with a micro fiber mop & squeegee, don't get me wrong it works great. Let's face it we live in the year 2022 now and technology is moving faster than it ever has before, so why not have your windows cleaned with the latest & greatest tools the window cleaning industry has to offer. Pure water window cleaning has made its way across the pond from England to the U.S in most recent years and most window cleaning companies across the nation have transitioned over to this pure water window cleaning method. You may be asking yourself,what is pure water and how does it work? Well it works by using reverse osmosis,water from your tap is pulled into our four stage filtration system that consist of a sediment filter,carbon filter,RO-membrane and finally a de-ionized resin tank. This eliminates all the impurities from the water,we also use brushes to to do the cleaning and rinsing on the glass. With pure water you eliminate drips,streaks and any other marks that are common with the mop & squeegee method. With pure water it dries completely SPOT FREE! All that is left are sparkling clean windows. Other benefits of pure water include clean frames,sills,windows stay cleaner longer,and its safer! We also use the best quality water fed poles and brushes from the best manufacture,Tucker. We can reach windows that are several stories high with our feet safely on the ground. We also use poles made from a range of materials like fiberglass,aluminum and carbon fiber which make these poles extremely light weight. Rest assured you'll be happy with the results and have peace of mind knowing that the risks involved are also reduced. 

Give us a call (980)309-3139 and we'll be happy to give you a free demo backed by our 100% pure water window cleaning guarantee!

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